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The answer certainly isn’t a crash diet and Yogilates.


LIFT by Les is a lot of things. It is a blog, coaching service, twitch channel, and all about empowering you and yours. I’m Les, I’m a Personal Trainer with experience in traditional bodybuilding workouts, yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, strongman, obstacle course racing, running, and Powerlifting. I have a vested interest in nutrition and the obesity crisis in America and I’m on a mission to motivate others to change their lives when they’ve hit rock bottom.

If you want to know more about my personal journey and how fitness saved my life, click here.

LIFT by Les takes a contemporary approach to health and fitness: resetting your eating habits, keeping you accountable, helping improve your mental health, and helping you find an activity that you LOVE. This is a place for every one of us, not just some of us.

We’ve all bought into trends that promised us instantaneous results (myself included), but left us feeling empty and eating, or doing, questionable things in the name of health and fitness. When you take your dog to the vet, and the vet tells you that Sparky is overweight, what do you do? Well, the answer certainly isn’t a crash diet and Yogilates. Very simply, you decrease the amount of food they eat; you exercise them more; and you increase the quality of their food. They’re really happy and healthy in no time at all.

So why are we not taking care of ourselves the same way? Why do we wreck our bodies with shakes (that we put Oreos in? Seriously?), skinny teas, and deprive ourselves of good food (THAT IS ALSO GOOD FOR US)?

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

There is literally no need for this and our bodies will thank us in the long run. We can manipulate some factors, but the basis of our fitness and health journey should remain the same: Our fitness and health journey should be about consistently improving ourselves by nourishing our bodies with food, activities, and experiences that feed our spirits, not our fears and anxieties.

Do you want to continue drinking a shake that promises you results but leaves you feeling deprived and stressed because it’s not working or you gained all the weight back? Or do you want to be in control of your body and life, accomplish something meaningful, and *gasp* be happier?

If you chose the latter, instead of spending money on Herbalife, Shakeology, or the 21-Day Fix, use that money to hire me as your coach for 3 months. Let’s take the time to really dig into what makes you tick, what your best self feels and looks like, and how you see yourself achieving it. How good do you want to feel in the morning when you wake up, knowing that you took the high road, did the work, and got everything you wanted?

The choice is yours. Life doesn’t wait around for you and neither will your health.

Happy LIFTing!


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Carb-Cycling: Worth It?

Carb-Cycling, according to Brandan Fokken, a bodybuilding.com sponsored athlete, is a low/no carb diet that has periods of high carb consumption to keep you fueled. This type of diet is specifically designed to achieve a desired result, typically fat loss, and should be monitored carefully throughout the process.

“I Feel Like a Whale”

Water weight, or fluid retention, as it is commonly called, can make us feel like a beached whale even if we’re healthy. This happens to literally everyone, but most people simply deal with it instead of proactively managing it so that they can feel a little lighter.

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