Why I’m Blogging (Again)

Why I’m Blogging (Again)

Hi everyone!

Eat, Lift, Wander is definitely a work in progress and a passion of mine. I’ve always wanted to run a blog and wellness has always been my passion and something I’ve remained educated about for a long time. I know, however, there are so many fitness blogs out there sporting the newest workout for that 6 pack or the newest fad diet. I don’t want ELW to be another one of those blogs.

light-bulb-idea-head-lightbulbI want ELW to focus on building a solid foundation for lifting, eating, and enjoying your life, even though it gets crazy sometimes. Going back to really solid form and mechanics is important for building overall strength and aesthetic we’re all addicted to. Eating healthy provides us the energy and nutrients to recover from the grueling workouts and pounding the pavement. Wandering through our town and experiencing new things keeps our minds open.

Eat, Lift, Wander’s fundamental principles lie in that taking care of yourself by working out and eating healthy is loving yourself, not punishing yourself. Many still don’t understand this. Many will go workout hard after they’ve had a night of drinking or when they’re feeling particularly bloated, killing themselves on the treadmill and weight machines, waking up sore the next day, and sabotaging their results by not following sabotage2through. As the fitness industry becomes more and more saturated, we’re forgetting the basics for being healthy, following the next shiny advertisement promising instant results. Health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Even when you achieve results, you have to continue putting in the work or you can’t sustain it.

ELW is made for college students and people in their mid-twenties just starting out, getting back on track, or those looking to refresh their lifestyle. I’m not going to be discussing major competition prep, crazy juice cleanses, or Whole30. Just the basics, having fun, and debunking a few myths along the way. Each broad topic will be broken down into a series of articles that you can read and help plan your weeks ahead.

If you’re looking for a customized fitness plan, that’s coming in 2019.

While there’s not a lot that makes me different from other fitness bloggers, I am focusing on the long-term goal, which is helping you get healthy, stay healthy, and find a little more happiness.

Happy lifting!



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