Mindful Monday: Clearing the Mental Clutter

Happy Monday! The last two weeks have been quite a whirlwind and I feel terrible that I haven’t been able to write lately because it’s something I got into the habit of doing consistently. Over the last two weeks, my dad has been back in the hospital because of blood clots in both legs and lungs (He’s out now and doing MUCH better). I’ve been setting up for Twitch streams, helping record and capture podcasts, working full-time of course, and starting to bring the aspects of LIFT by Les together into a routine that works for me.

I’ve also had a lot of mental or energetic clutter lately that has caused some hesitation in my direction and helped me realize that my mind is too full right now, which is causing me to be less than my best. Clearing the mental clutter can do wonders for your state of mind and inviting positive energy and positive opportunities back into your life. I find that meditation and unplugging from my electronics (because I’m literally connected 24/7 to my full-time job) is the most effective way to recenter myself.

Clearing your head can also help you begin healing the damaged parts of yourself with which you’ve been struggling. I need to work on healing past traumas and a broken heart because of some experiences over the last 3 years that damaged me and leaves me feeling distrustful and ready to retreat at any given moment. I have a nasty habit of running from my problems and throwing myself into work or another project without stopping to check in with my emotional or mental wounds and letting them fester and become infected. Even though I’m in peak physical condition, mentally and emotionally, I am injured and not recovering well right now.

You’ve all likely experienced or are currently experiencing something like this in your life. You feel exhausted despite sleeping enough last night. You might feel overwhelmed or wanting to pull your hair out. The regular weekly routine feels like a horror-movie, the thought of returning to work on Monday makes you physically ill. Maybe you like your job, but the mental exhaustion you’re experiencing makes it tough to get out of bed. Sound familiar?

What I’m Doing About it

I’m experimenting with guided meditations. I did one in 2016 to find a spirit guide, who happens to be my dog (this is a cool story and I hope to share it with you some time without y’all thinking I’m crazy) and now I’m using guided meditations to direct healing and love towards myself and towards others. I hope that as I continue to do these meditations that I can start to find some clarity and start to heal from some of this emotional stress I’ve experienced over the last 2 weeks.

I am also incorporating yoga back into my weekly routine and setting an intention with every practice to heal and find God (I’m a Christian, but this could be Allah, your Higher Self, elevating your vibration, or becoming connected with the Universe). I find that if I set that intention at the beginning and meditate on it for just a few minutes that my practice becomes more meaningful and my mind shifts to finding a positive light. I have a tough time going to church (there’s a lot of new trends being realized and analyzed in the religious world, especially for young people, so I hope to share that with you and how it’s connected to overall wellness) and so my relationship with the Higher Power is different from the traditional sense but it is one that is becoming more common among people below 30.

There’s tons of other ways to clear mental clutter besides meditation or yoga. You can vent to a friend or family member, you can pray, you can go be in nature (I personally like being next to a source of water), go for a drive, spend time in favorite place (coffee house anyone?), paint, complete a project that doesn’t require a lot of thinking (gardening?), deep breathing exercises or take a walk and focus on enjoying it.

Life is chaotic and we’re all experiencing some hardship: job, move, marriage, new baby, family, physical illness, broken heart, trauma, or mental illness. But staying peaceful and strong internally can help us overcome these challenges and build resilience.

I want to provide an exception to this: There is a point in time where the stress of a situation requires the help of a professional. If you are having thoughts of suicide, experiencing major depression, or experiencing PTSD associated with a past trauma, seek the help of a trained counselor or seek out a therapist to help you through these tough times. There is no shame in seeking this help. We have a doctor to cure our physical ailments and we should have a therapist to treat our psychological ailments. Life is chaotic and we’re all experiencing hardship. Don’t be a afraid to ask for help. If you’re contemplating suicide or you feel you’ll attempt suicide, please call the suicide hotline at 1800-273-TALK so that someone can help you through a crisis period and get you connected to the proper resources. Loved ones, you can also use this hotline if you think that someone close to you is at risk.

I hope all of you have a great week and that you’ll be joining me on Twitch Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm EST.

Happy LIFTing, Les

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