Blog Post Schedule for October 2019

Good morning beautiful people.

I finally got the posting schedule down for October 2019 and it is as follows.

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Beginning Monday, September 30, we will begin with Mindful Monday– posts about mental health and how to lead a more mindful and purposeful life. Topics Mindful Monday include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Law of Attraction
  • Minimalism
  • Being WEIRD
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Beginning Thursday, October 3, a post about nutrition will release. These posts will cover topics to help you fuel your body for your workouts and your life. Topics for Nutrition will include:

  • Link Between Nutrition and Mental Health
  • Superfood: Chia Seeds
  • The Keto Diet
  • Making “Meatless Monday” Work in your Lifestyle
  • Detecting Nutritional Deficiencies
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Beginning Sunday, October 6, a workout post will be released, and 2 workouts for the week will also be released, one for the home, one for the gym, in all different styles. Topics will include:

  • Gym Bag essentials
  • Mobility vs. Flexibility
  • Drop Sets/Supersets/ etc
  • Benefits of Pilates

Workouts you can expect from me:

  • Week 1: Cardio (HIIT & LISS)
  • Week 2: Arms and Shoulders
  • Week 3: Legs, Hips, and Glutes
  • Week 4: Abs and Mobility

I will also release videos of the at-home workouts, and provide links for the movements for the at-gym workouts so that you can properly perform each movement. I will also stream the at-home workouts on twitch weekly before the video is released, so you can also watch the workouts performed there as well.

In addition to this, I will also re-post articles and other interesting workouts and tidbits I find throughout the week for you if you’re looking for a little more.

Make sure you’re subscribed so that you get my FREE macro-tracker and notifications for when these posts are released!

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