Gratitudes Sunday 10/13 and Monday 10/14

Photo by Godisable Jacob on

Whoops. I forgot to do my post yesterday. I took some time for myself and celebrated getting through the weekend by cleaning my apartment (FINALLY the little beans from CB’s stuffed animal are vacuumed up).

I know that sounds weird, but having a clean space really makes all the difference in the world.

My 3 Gratitudes from Sunday 10/13/2019:

  • I’m grateful that I did some needed self-care by getting my monthly massage
  • I’m grateful for the recipes that my family passes down to me (homemade bread and biscuits and sausage gravy anyone???)
  • I’m grateful for the quiet and calm energy that I have cultivated in my apartment.

My 3 Gratitudes for Monday 10/14/2019:

  • I’m grateful for these huge windows in my apartment that let in beautiful natural light in the morning
  • I’m grateful for the week ahead, which is another opportunity for great things
  • I’m grateful for my mind and energy, which inspires me to take on new projects.

If you can’t find 3 things to be grateful for today, be thankful that the sun came up this morning, that you woke up this morning, and for the morning itself, which is a new beginning. All too often, we take these precious moments for granted because we’re wrapped up in what lies ahead of us, instead of just enjoying the quiet minutes of the morning.

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