Daily Gratitude 10/15/2019

Photo by Anna Urlapova on Pexels.com

Yesterday brought a little bit of a rollercoaster, but I worked through it at CrossFit and by talking to a friend last night. I woke up this morning feeling fresh and optimistic. Today is a new day and yesterday is gone (Honestly, thank God).

Being happy isn’t about not having bad days. Let’s be real, there are a lot of days that I would like nothing more than to tell someone to go fly a kite. Being happy means that I possess the tools to shake it off, separate myself from the situation, and not let one little interaction affect the rest of my day.

That being said, this morning I am thankful for:

  • Friends that will talk to me about literally anything and reconnecting with them
  • Impromptu runs to Chipotle (4 Rounds of burrito bowls for time)
  • the ability to manage my anger by turning it into results during CrossFit

If you’re finding it hard today, be thankful for your abilities. You might not be a musician, artist, or athlete, but maybe you’re really good at persuading people, listening to others, or making the new person feel welcomed. Not every skill has to be one in the arts, sometimes we’re really good with people, animals, or other intangible things, which are equally, if not more, in some cases, valuable than skills in the arts.

in love and light,


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