CrossFit Open 2020: 20.2 Warm Up from Active Life

20.2 is here and it’s looking gnarly. Have you seen it yet?????

Amrap 20 minutes: 4 DB thrusters; 8 Toe-to-Bars; and 24 double unders


It doesn’t seem that bad, but pacing yourself will be key during this workout. It’ll be easy to go hard probably the first 5 or 6 rounds and then you’ll hit a wall and be like “OMFG WHY”. Looking at this and having done CrossFit for 4 years, my advice here is to definitely go slower than you think. It looks like a sprint, but it’s a marathon.

If you need a solid warm up before you tackle 20.2, Active Life released their warm-up for this WOD, which you can watch here:

Active Life also released options for how to scale this WOD depending on what injuries you’re nursing so that you can still participate without irritating those aches and pains further. A lot of gyms create events around the Open, so now you have options.

Let me know how you did! Comment your results and if you RX’d or scaled this one!

Happy WODing!


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