Gratitude 10/18/2019

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Yesterday was slow and frustrating and today will be better. I keep telling myself that because I have things to look forward to this weekend and 20.2 is tonight (hooray!). I plan to do the 5:30 PM heat tonight because I don’t particularly want to stick around for very long.

Anyhow, today, I am thankful for:

  • My mom coming to spend her birthday weekend with me tonight
  • The dead of night for providing clarity on situations that need my attention but can wait
  • The most recent season of Letterkenny for being short and sweet, but still hilarious

If you’re having a rough day, be thankful for times of the day and how you use them. You could be thankful for the morning because it’s quiet and full of possibility; the afternoon because the day is winding down and the sun is warmest. It could also be the night, for bringing a solid end to the day and, yet, still full of opportunity.

In love and light,


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