Gratitudes 10/22/2019

Photo by Huy Phan on

Monday is done and we’re making it through Tuesday. These two longest days of the week set you up for success or failure depending on your utilization of the time. I’m slowly learning this and this daily gratitude increases my productivity during the day.

I didn’t do a Mindful Monday yesterday because I needed some more specific information and wanted to write something impactful, so look for that later. For many of us, this obvious insight appears difficult to understand at first, but I hope to explain it well.

Anywho, today I am thankful for:

  • Trusting my gut and intuition instead of my friends’ advice at times
  • Being introduced to new friends outside of my core group (and instantly getting along with them!)
  • My adoption application progressing and being sooooo close to bringing a new kitten home this week (I’m gonna explode from all the cuteness that will be in my home soon)

If you’re facing a difficult time today, be thankful for the animals you encounter during the day (yes, even that pesky chipmunk that keeps digging holes in your garden) and the entertainment or present moment they provide. This can include pets and even houseplants, but try to assign a specific thing they do or feeling they stir up when you’re being thankful for them.

In love and light,


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