20.3 Warm Up and Recovery by Active Life Rx

Hi guys,

So in the midst of adopting Alaska last week and securing my end of the month sales and such, I realized that I forgot to post the warm up and recovery workouts for CrossFit’s Open 20.3 Workout.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this workout and the classic challenge it brought. Deadlifts are a classic lift present across the fitness board and the handstands/pushups gave it that little spice to give it the flair. Being significantly shorter than other workouts forced you to go fast, but if you didn’t pace yourself, you hit a wall on the second round of deadlifts at the heavier weight.

If you’re planning on doing the WOD again or need some recovery for it, Active Life created a Warm Up video for 20.3.

They also put out some modified workouts for those of you experiencing aches and pains or nursing an injury.

And also a recovery for your hams, traps, and shoulders.

Personally, the warm ups and recoveries have been really working for me in preventing any undue soreness or fatigue and I found that I move significantly better when I do these warm ups in less time than our traditional CrossFit warm up. I find these and their other videos really helpful as well and their philosophy is different than anyone else’s I’ve come across.

I hope these are helping you as well! Good luck in 20.4!!!


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