Daily Gratitude 11/2/2019

Daily Gratitude 11/2/2019

How was everyone’s Friday? Let me know how you’re doing, I would love to chat with you!!!

20.4 is complete! Yay! My body is much stronger than I anticipated. If you did the scaled workout, the fourth set of clean and jerks in is at 95lbs. Now, for some, that might not seem like a lot, but it’s a major accomplishment for me. It shows that I’m getting stronger and that my body is capable of more than what I’ve been giving it.

But if we never step out of our comfort zones and face something tough, we’ll never truly live.

Anyhow, today I am thankful for:

  • Wonderful friends that make me laugh so hard that I cry
  • Meeting new friends and finding more in common with them than I previously thought
  • Shedding old skins and finding a stronger, happier person

If you’re having a tough time today, be thankful for the things you laughed at this week. What three things did you have a genuine laugh about? If you can’t find 3, what other things brought a smile to your face? They could be as silly as the cat falling in the toilet or a dog barking at other dogs on TV. Be thankful for those laughs and those little smiles.

Let’s talk! How was your week and what are you thankful for today?

In love and light,


2 thoughts on “Daily Gratitude 11/2/2019

  1. Going through a tough time in my life right now. I am thankful that I have my sons this weekend. I look forward to getting them when it’s my weekend. Reading your posts really helps me get to a more positive place.


    1. Hi Matt! I’m so glad to hear that the posts are helping you through a tough time in your life! Keep your chin up; it gets better! I’m sure your sons appreciate your hard work to keep them happy!


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