Daily Gratitude: A Reflection from Thursday to Sunday

Daily Gratitude: A Reflection from Thursday to Sunday

Because of travelling and some connectivity issues, I haven’t been able to post recently. We’re finally at Sunday now and I can sit down and reflect on my week.

Thursday & Friday

Bloomsburg University

So I attended Bloomsburg University’s annual Business Conference to speak to students about what it’s like to become a professional, run your own side hustle, and sell in technology and the IT industry. The students engaged by asking thoughtful questions and sticking around after to ask more questions one-on-one.

It’s weird telling the truth about being in real life. Some students are shocked to know that their degree isn’t worth much in the first couple of years out of college. Some are glad to know that the support exists and that someone is talking about it. Students are inquisitive though and do ask questions. I enjoy answering them and helping them find their way.

Alumni want to introduce you to other alumni, and you start to recognize a few faces too. Having a glass of wine and still feeling like a student is strange, but it helps you be more relateable.

Pro-tip: If you have a babyface like I do, make sure you’re dressed in business professional as much as you can afford. It will help other students and professionals recognize you as such. I was mistaken for a student about 5 times. lol.

Overall, I am thankful for:

  • The student’s questions and their engagement. It felt good to help them and it helped me feel more welcome
  • The cult that is college/university alum. They help each other out and introduce you to all kinds of people because you’re a student who is doing well or a student who graduated and is doing well.
  • For making the time to see the people that mattered during my college career and recognizing that I can be friends with them now and really enjoy their company as human-to-human or friend-to-friend, not just as a faculty member to student.
On the Homefront

After not being home to see my family is a LONG time, I enjoyed catching up with them. I needed some time with them. Watching shows like Blue Bloods and Chicago P.D. make home feel like home (my family and I have a hankering for police and crime shows).

It’s good to know that your family is still functioning as a unit when you’ve been through some shit, a relief, really. If you don’t know, my dad beat cancer and battles complications from the treatments and medications now. Cancer is whole family fight, not just that person. You’re always waiting for the other shoe to drop and counting EVERY blessing that comes your way, even if the blessing disguises itself as another hardship.

Being in your parents’ presence is comforting when you’ve been away for awhile. For all that living on my own affords me, I miss waking up and having coffee with my mom in the morning. I miss watching TV with my dad at night. I miss my brother driving me bonkers every weekend. It’s weird, the things you miss when you’re not living there anymore.

On the homefront, I am thankful for:

  • The sense of normalcy and togetherness being home brings
  • The unmatched grit and determination of my family to overcome any obstacle and remain loving towards each other and maintain a positive attitude.**
  • Their consistent encouragement to pursue my dreams and celebration of every little step.

**Life can rip you down and pull you into a nasty cycle of depression if you let it. Having been through so much of this where my mental health could go sideways (and it sometimes does), choosing to love and overcome the obstacles together makes all the difference. People ask us a lot, “How do you do it?” and the answer is always “We just do.” If you let the weight or reality of a situation consume you, it will kill you from the inside out. But you have the power to attack the situation with positivity and gratitude and you have to choose it every day.

This is why I write about what I’m grateful for each day.


Back to normalcy. Worked out with Mark and got caught up with him. I enjoy working out with Mark. His grind and determination and love of the process makes him a great friend and workout partner. Mark is an OCB Pro Bodybuilder and I respect him greatly.

Of course, we hit legs like we do every Saturday. Sometimes just getting in the movement is important. You don’t have to go hard and lift heavy every day to get a good workout in. Sometimes you body just protests, so you adapt.

I didn’t do much after that, but I’m thankful for:

  • That workout and just getting the movement in
  • My meditations and getting some extra rest, which I need since I attended that conference and I’m battling a small cold
  • CB and Alaska finally getting along and snuggling up together on the couch while I watched Mindhunter last night (such a good show btw, highly recommend on Netflix)


I woke up this morning, still not feeling fantastic mostly because it’s dry and the heat isn’t helping that situation, so my throat is scratchy and there’s a lot of phlegm, no thanks to this cold, running down the back of my throat and making me a little cranky.

The cat stomped across my face this morning too. I just wanted a little extra sleep.

I cannot, however, complain too much. Waking up to them every morning is adorable and fills me with hope that I can have a good day. Nothing like it. I just watched Alaska jump at the blinds and then realize they couldn’t hold her as she falls onto the carpet and takes off. There’s never a shortage of fun here.

Today, I am thankful for:

  • A quiet, relaxing morning with my pets and devoting time to writing this
  • the trip my parents embark on today to Nashville to see my relatives and have a mini-vacation
  • a conversation I’m going to have today. It’s been a long time coming and I’m optimistic about it and manifesting the best outcome of it.

Believing that you’ll achieve the best outcome in any situation and visualizing it will help you achieve it. Getting rid of negative thoughts and anxiety about the situation will help you approach it with the best intentions and the best tools for the job.

I encourage you to do this today if you have an important conversation, life moment, or opportunity to which you must devote time.

If you’re having trouble feeling thankful, reflect on your week and pick out 10 things that made you feel good about yourself, even if just for a fleeting moment. It could be as simple as getting a burrito or going to the gym. Whatever it is, if it boosted your mood, note it and thank it for bringing a little bit of joy.

So tell me, what are you thankful for?

In love and light,


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