Daily Gratitude 11/11/2019

Daily Gratitude 11/11/2019

11/11! It’s a powerful day for sure!

It’s Monday again and we have the choice to tackle the week with vigor and with enthusiasm or we can drone on miserably. Which one are you choosing today?

Even if you have to go back to that job you hate or put up with some shit this week, you can choose your mindset and how you react to it. Despite feeling less than motivated to perform because I’m still feeling under the weather, I’m choosing to start my week with a positive mindset. I will manifest my success this week by visualizing it and then putting the work in to make it a reality.

Today, I am thankful for:

  • Getting in some extra sleep so that I can be productive today and kick this stupid cold
  • The sun that is shining and casting gorgeous shadows
  • Getting to plan another canvassing day with the new business manager. Really gunning for a few orders or major developments in sales cycles

If you’re having a rough day, think about 3 good choices that you made for yourself and be thankful for them. The decisions don’t have to be monumental; they can be small ones. If they increased your happiness or helped you get healthier, or helped you feel better about a situation, be thankful for that today.

Mindful Monday is coming later today. Have a great week!

In love and light,


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