Daily Gratitude 11/12/2019

Daily Gratitude 11/12/2019

Happy Tuesday! If you’re in the southern USA, I hope you’re ready for the nasty cold front coming in and that you’re going to stay cozy!

As for the rest of us, that’s all debatable. Here in PA, we’re staying steady, but temps are really starting to swing.

Either way, I’m choosing to be thankful for them because that means the holidays are coming, there are cold weather activities, and that my pottery class is getting closer to starting.

Anyhow, today I am thankful for:

  • The encouragement I got yesterday to perform even though I was sick and not feeling my best at CrossFit (I love these guys)
  • The universe responding to my plea to get a new opportunity finalized this week
  • Hour-long conversations with good friends and catching them up since I haven’t seen them in a while (like 2 weeks but ya know)

If you’re having a tough time, be thankful for the change that’s happened in your life. Think of 3 changes that either happened to you or that you made in the last year and be thankful for the positive attributes they brought you, even if it was tough at first.

In love and light,


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