Daily Gratitude: 11/21/2019

Daily Gratitude: 11/21/2019

Thursday, my second favorite day of the week next to Friday (obviously).

I’m thinking of injecting more of my natural humor into my posts and the most recent one I put out about staying on track during the holidays injects a lot of my humor and is an ode to “Not today, Satan.”

If you haven’t yet, please go read it and let me know your thoughts and if you found it funny. I would appreciate the feedback.

Anyway, today I am thankful for:

  • Having to courage to turn down an opportunity that simply isn’t right for me (this isn’t always easy because I’m a people-pleaser!)
  • Injecting more of my own humor into my writing (also an act of courage by putting myself out there in an effort to differentiate myself) and continue to follow my dream of eventually working for myself.
  • Being featured FOR THE WHOLE MONTH OF FEBRUARY on Fit Talk with Coach Luis for Wake Up Wednesday! AHHH

If you’re having a tough time today, be thankful for the courage you have to show up for life. Things that seem like they’re no big deal might be really scary for others. So be thankful for three ways that you show courage or that you took a risk, despite fearing what could happen.

In love and light,


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