Stay Healthy During the Holidays and Avoid Satan

Stay Healthy During the Holidays and Avoid Satan


The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is in 8 days, Christmas is in about a month, and we’re already thinking about New Years. If you’re a serious planner like me, you’ve likely thought all they way out to Valentine’s Day (OOF. WUT).

Anyway, you’re probably also contemplating how to keep your fitness and eating goals on track during the holidays, but you also want to enjoy yourself too. Listen, I hear you loud and clear.

Whether you’ve made a lot of progress this year or are just starting out, you might think you have to stick to your strict eating habits and exercise habits because you’re afraid of derailing yourself as you indulge in cookies, holiday weiners, and bacon knots (if you don’t know what these are, they’re literal heaven). But fear not, my friend.

You can enjoy all the holiday goodies and still keep yourself on track.

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What, you say? Eat cookies and have a few drinks and still stay on track?

Yep, you heard me. I’m also going to tell you exactly how to do it. A lot of people seem to think it’s this complicated, nerve-wracking thing. Food can be a stressor for people during the holidays, especially if they struggle with an eating disorder (don’t forget to check in with these people if you know; they will appreciate it!)

Drinks are on me. Enjoy my humor as we enter the holidays, which can be a happy time of year, but also really stressful for others if they’re estranged or don’t have a positive relationship with their families.

10 Tips to Keep You on Track

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1.Drink water before you go to a holiday event. It’ll keep you hydrated and keep you from eating too much at dinner. It’ll also douse the fires Satan lit in your heart as the stress mounts. Keep a cup nearby in case you want to make a scene when your passive aggressive cousin rats on you again.

2. If you have a meal from your meal prep service or that you’ve made and you don’t want to indulge in the appetizers and finger foods, eat your meal before you go and then pick a few pieces that you really want. If they all happen to be little cheesecake bites, ugh yes please.

3. Stick to your workout routine and adjust your schedule for holiday parties. If you can’t make it to the gym, get in some yoga, pilates, at-home HIIT, or some LISS outside. Run from Aunt Rita when she chases you down for yet another game of Scrabble.

4. If someone pressures you about what you are or aren’t eating, have the balls to tell them to piss off. It’s none of their business. If someone says it looks like you lost/gained weight or questions your plate, tell them it looks like they gained a few kids, lost a husband, or question who’s been on them lately.

5. Same with drinking. Find something clever to rebut.

6. If you want to have alcohol, limit yourself to a 2 drink maximum for a workplace event or family gathering. If you’re doing an ugly Christmas sweater bar crawl and your family members are questioning when you were having kids again, by all means, get plastered. Do a keg stand, even if you’re in your 40’s. Lose a kidney. Live it up.

7. Embrace the holiday shopping time and the activity you get in. Hone your kickboxing skills you’ve been learning and deck the lady fighting with you over this year’s trending toy. 1 hit K.O. Your kid gets THE toy of the year from Santa. Win-win.

8. If you’re really feeling the stress of the holidays, take a timeout. Inhale good spiriting holiday feels; exhale the spirit of Scrooge and Satan threatening to force the burning down of your Christmas tree and, by collateral damage, your house. Don’t forget to collect the insurance check.

9. Stick to the plan as much as possible but don’t worry if you trip up. Even Jesus had his moments. Remember when he flipped the tables in the church because the vendors were being a bunch of hypocrites? We’re all human. If Jesus can save the world from the fiery destruction of our souls after flipping over tables, then it’s fine if you slip up and eat some holiday wieners and have a drink.

10. Finally, enjoy the holidays and the giving spirit. It’s better to give than to receive, especially if it’s a black eye. Be in the giving spirit; it’s good for your emotional health and it’s a great time to be thankful.

Bonus Tip: On a serious note, volunteer your time this holiday season at a shelter, food bank, or other organization. You’ll alleviate some of the holiday stress, make a difference in someone else’s life, and it’ll give you some perspective. Spread some joy, even if Satan is threatening to burn your house down with those pesky Christmas lights on the dry tree.

Whatever holiday you celebrate, you can use these tips to fight off angry moms, keep your relatives from asking you invasive questions, and stay on track with your health and fitness goals.

If you’re looking for a personalized plan to get you started in the new year, I’d LOVE to help you out. I create personalized meal plans and workout plans tailored for your specific goals. Choose one or both in my “Book Services” Tab above.

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