Daily Gratitude: Thanksgiving Edition

Daily Gratitude: Thanksgiving Edition

It’s the week of Thanksgiving and I’ve been pondering what to really be thankful for this year. As I reflect on the year so far, I give gratitude for so many parts of my life that have grown and flourished.

But so far, the year has also been tough mentally. Finding true peace and happiness within myself hasn’t been easy and forced me to challenge my existing identity. Facing my old self and saying goodbye to her after being her for nearly 5 years took a lot of energy, introspection, and courage.

I took up meditation, visualization, and other mindfulness practices because I neglected my inner child and higher self which damaged my relationships (romantic, platonic, and familial), my self-worth, and my mental health. Depression overtook me at the beginning of the year, following the holidays and a nasty break-up 2 weeks before Christmas.

Truthfully, I neglected my spiritual and emotional needs until about July, when I allowed yet another person into my life who ultimately demonstrated that he was undeserving of my time and my energy. A lot of people showed me this year that they didn’t deserve it, so I promptly removed them from my life.

So, let’s be thankful for all the people in our lives who do deserve our time and energy. Send them good energy and light this week. Call them or shoot them a text. Tell them that you appreciate them (not that you appreciate what they do, these are two different things) and let them know you’re thinking about them.

The people I’m so so so grateful for in my life are:

  • My family: for raising me to be an incredibly strong and resilient woman and supporting me in whatever I decided to do with my life, as long as I was truly happy.
  • My friend Colleen: for being one of the most loyal, funny, and loving friends I have ever met. I’m so proud of you for chasing your dreams and building up the courage to move to the West Coast in 2020. You’ve wanted this for so long and it’s time for you to fly.
  • My friend Emily: who instantly understood my sensitivities as an empath and for being a light when I was in a dark place. You got me back into yoga (even if I still don’t do it regularly) and helped me realize my self-worth by being a prime example of a loving human.
  • My friend Bethany: Who understands the value of downtime and recharging with your favorite TV shows and a glass of wine. You always have sage advice and I enjoy your snaps of the various outfits you wear.
  • My CrossFit Family: You’ve welcomed me with open arms, supported my journey back to CrossFit, showed me how far I’ve come in less than 6 months, and how far I can still go. Even if I complain and dramatically say that I’m going to die when I do the workouts, I go home feeling accomplished and never regret coming.
  • My very best friend Luis: Your dad jokes never cease to make me laugh and you inspire me to chase my dreams of contributing to the fitness community in a positive way.
  • My friend Max: You showed me how I needed to be respected, helped me open up, and demonstrated how a mature man should act. I do laugh at all your memes and I’m always laughing on the phone with you and Mike. PS. You still don’t have your life together though (inside joke guys)
  • My special someone: Thank you for being you. That is all.
  • Myself: You overcame so many challenges this year, healed from heartbreak, took risks, gave away love, picked up love, and found true happiness in yourself. You traveled to amazing places, did amazing things, and met amazing people. You learned to truly love yourself unconditionally, something most people never learn to do. You are an amazing being with so much to offer this world.
  • My readers: You have so much to offer this world too and I pray that you realize it. I hope that on your journey you too learn to love yourself, your faults, your strengths, your healing, and you experience each day with gratitude and full of appreciation for the little things.

So, this Thanksgiving, who are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments!

This will be the only post this week and I will return on December 2 with Mindful Monday.

In love and light,


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