Realization, Resolution, Restoration, and Rebirth: December 2019

Realization, Resolution, Restoration, and Rebirth: December 2019

Holy crap; it’s December. Whew.

November seemed like it would never end and, at the same time, it flew right by, but that’s what happens when you’re having fun, right?

We’re in the last month of the year. For many people, this is a time to spend with family, friends, other loved ones, and to celebrate getting through another year. The majority of us won’t reflect on our year until right around New Year’s Eve, when they make that resolution, once again, to lose weight, stop smoking, or improve themselves. Then we fall into that same vicious cycle of going balls to the walls in January, burning out in February, and then returning to status quo by March.

Who else can relate?

What we really need is a clear vision, small goals, and an actionable plan. In December, I’m going to be using the principles of the Law of Attraction so that we can break nasty cycles, let go of negative energy, and start to envision who we’ll be in 2020. When the clock hits midnight and 2019 becomes 2020, we’ll already be on the path to our goals and we’ll really start putting these things into action.

What can I expect in December?

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I recently ran across a few things that have shifted my own perspective for how December is going to roll. December is going to be a time of Realization, Resolution, Restoration, and Rebirth. This theme will be present throughout my Mindful Monday posts and you’ll see a logical progression.

Whatever your religious or spiritual affiliation, you’ll likely see some parallels. I’ll speak from a universal spirituality perspective, but if you’re Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhism etc, you’ll likely see some parallels and I’ll pull some widely understood examples from these to help you relate.

First, We Will Prepare for Our Blessings

You can’t receive the blessings you want if you’re not meeting the universe at that level to embrace it. Nothing in life is free, so we have to lay the groundwork to show the universe that we possess the skills, the dedication, and the mindset to receive the blessing.

We have to shift our perspective, beliefs, and ultimately ourselves in order to align with the level the universe (or God, Allah, or Buddha) needs us to be at to fully appreciate and handle what is coming.

Second, We have to Manifest and Release our Intentions to the Universe.

Once we lay the groundwork, we then have to tell the universe our intentions and start to envision what we want. Whether it’s a new job, the love of your life, or an improved situation, we have to connect with our higher self and then tell the universe. Say it with conviction and believe that it’s already happened for you.

Third, We have to Clear Any Obstacles or Negativity that Keeps Us from our Blessings.

The universe will challenge you. It needs to know you’ve truly changed and working towards a higher vibration to receive your blessings. We’ll face negativity from people, ourselves, and situations around us. It’s how we handle these and remember that it’s part of the process that will grant us a “level up”.

Finally, We have to Maintain Our Level of Self to Continue Realizing our Blessings.

Keeping ourselves aligned with this new self, or higher self is important for keeping these blessings and continuing to realize the ones we’re still working towards. Without maintaining our heightened self, we’ll revert back to our old ways, undoing all the work. We can’t have that happen. Your best life is too important.

Some Other Notes Regarding December

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I want to lay out a few other things as we head into December that will help you on this journey of rest and reflection. These little things are important if you hope to head into 2020 without repeating the cycles you faced in 2019.

  • December is the time to reflect on and cut off any energy, expectations, or held beliefs that no longer serve you. If it is meant to be temporary, then allow it to be temporary and understand when to let these things go.
  • If you’re noticing certain cycles in your life, this is the time to reflect on them and break them. If you’re attracting the same people/situation and consistently having the same outcome, take note of this.
  • Let go of your expectations for 2020. If you’re focused on a specific outcome or how you’re going to get somewhere in 2020, you’re going to experience some pain because the process or the outcome will most likely not be what you expect (it’s usually better). This includes timelines, too. Let go of an expected timelines for your success.
  • Remember that these things take time. You can’t expect overnight results, although you might start to see some signs and improvements right away. If you do see some positive signs do not stop working on yourself or your goals. The universe is giving you a preview and showing you what each little bit of work is doing for you.
  • Get a journal to help you document cycles that keep repeating and holding you back from receiving what you want. You’ll start to notice a pattern in the situation and in yourself. This will help you learn how to recognize this pattern and handle it differently.

How You’ll Know that the Process is Working

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As we work through this month and you’re noticing your mindset shift, you might be wondering if the process is working. If you trust that the process is working, then it is. Things will be tough at times and you might think that things are falling apart sometimes. Understand that chaos is normal and that the universe is making room for you to infuse your energy into new endeavors.

I’m going to use a cup analogy from Master Sri Akarshana that I found EXTREMELY helpful in explaining these things.

You’ll lose something. Imagine that you have a cup full of water. You can’t fill it with anymore water, so if you want more water, or better water, you have to pour some of the water out.

The universe will start to empty your cup. It might be painful or even downright depressing at first, but you must create space to receive your blessings.

You’ll be asked to do something different. When you put your intentions and energy into the universe, it travels through other people and experiences. Your friends might ask you to do something radically different or you might feel inclined to check out a new place. Don’t ignore these feelings or signs.

You’ll be faced with a tough obstacle. The universe will test you to see if you’re still stupid by bringing back certain people into your life, testing you with a new, but similar, situation, or bring you a weird stroke of bad luck to test your reaction and to examine how you’ve grown. This is why recognizing patterns and recurring instances is important.

You’ll notice patterns of things. Whether this is numbers, words, or other patterns of behavior, you’ll start to notice subtle signs like these.

You’ll be more at peace with yourself.

I hope you enjoy this series of Mindful Monday posts and that you find helpful information on your journey in health and wellness. Health and Wellness is as much about exercising and eating healthy as being mentally healthy. Even if your body is clean and healthy, if your mind and spirit is sick and dirty, then you’re not truly healthy.

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