Welcome to 2020, Yall

Welcome to 2020, Yall

Photo by Padli Pradana on Pexels.com

2020 is here. We made it!

Now I know that I’m 10 days late getting started, but I’ve gotten a jump start on my goals for the year already and things exploded in the last 10 days. That’s just life though, right?

I’m finally ready to start competing again, now that I’m not moving (I hope), not losing my brain, and I am financially stable. I’m going to document my progress here and on Instagram (@lesloveslifts) throughout the year. I start some custom programming from my coach on Monday, and have to start tracking my food again.

I ran my numbers and I’m looking at about 2700-ish calories per day to make sure that my body recovers and that I’m not losing muscle. I make a conscious effort now to eat more throughout the day, which is already helping immensely, but I need to start tracking and make sure that I’m hitting those numbers.

My body is going to be a science project and the workouts will be the clinical trials.

What does 2700 calories per day look like?

So glad you asked!

Right now, it looks like 3 square meals per day, and 3 substantial snacks, plus any supplements I need. It’s also:

  • 195g of Protein per day (7 palms)
  • 259g of carbs per day (9 cupped hands)
  • and 86g of fats per day (6 thumbs)
  • Plus veggies (4-6 fists)

Let’s be VERY clear. I am not eating sh*t food. I am eating clean, save for a few cheats here and there (I try to run an 80/20 or 85/15 split for eating). I’m trying a number of recipes and going back to cooking to save money and have more delicious food (sorry CleanEatz, your very plain meals just aren’t cutting it for a girl who needs to eat an insane amount of food).

I’m also going to be throwing in greens and a multivitamin to cover any gaps in my diet. This is key because I’ll be varying my foods less and will need to cover any nutritional gaps.

We’ll see what training looks like on Monday, but I can only imagine that I’m going to die.

I’ve been doing RX+ where I can and been doing the extra work, but with the custom programming addressing a lot of weaknesses in my movements and in my confidence, I’m interested to see what the work is going to be like.

I do know my time in the gym will increase from 1 hour to about 1.5 hours.

Sleep is going to be critical

If you have trouble sleeping, get a weighted blanket. My mother gifted me one for Christmas and I sleep so much better with it. I feel rested when I wake up in the morning, which I haven’t gotten in a loooonggg time.

Final Thoughts

I’m going to post about once a week now updating my progress and providing a weekly article regarding training, nutrition, etc. I realized that I’m short on time and that I would like to continue this project, but I find it hard to commit the time I once had to it.

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