Week 1-Custom Programming

Week 1-Custom Programming

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Here’s an update of how my week is going since I started the custom programming for CrossFit.

First off, I’m exhausted from testing the last two weeks and I still have two tests to go. I’m sleeping at least 8 hours a night and eating extensively more, but it’s not quite enough, so I’m gonna keep eating and sleeping until I start to feel better.

I have the TENS unit on this morning because my quads and IT band are incredibly tight and not cooperating with me today. My right side is about done. Note to self: DO NOT REMOVE THE ELECTRODES WHILE THE MACHINE IS ON. First off, that hurt. Second, you feel it in your noggin and that’s really not fun.

Despite all of this, I’m starting to hit lifetime PR’s again and exceed some of them too! This is a great step in the right direction because it helped me realize that my performance problem is that I’m not eating enough! Since I have forced myself to eat more and choose more nourishing foods, I noticed a difference in how I feel and my performance already.

I tested a lot of gymnastic movements last week as part of our regular classes and then this week I’m testing a clean & jerk, Assault bike calories, bench press, snatch, and back squat to get a baseline for my numbers. Next week will be more of the regular programming where I’ll just have extra strength work before or after class.


In terms of food. after speaking with my coach, he recommends me eating 2700-3000 calories a day to make sure that I’m getting enough to keep up the energy for competition-level training and build the muscle I need. It’s a lot of food. For now, I’ve simply been focusing on eating the quantity of food I need rather than tracking my specific macros. Baby steps are key to being successful.

I went back to meal prepping on my own because I didn’t want to pay $75/week anymore for food that I wasn’t eating all of. Plus, I need a creative outlet and cooking has always been one for me. I’ve become very aware of my food waste and I can’t be doing that.

I’m also picking more nourishing and whole foods to cook with rather than canned or processed foods. This is important because, while I can bulk by choosing cheaper options, the nutrition value isn’t there and I need to have the quality to keep training hard.

I finish up my testing on Saturday and will report back next week after I’ve started the real work and gotten some rest. My body just hurts right now and I’m hungry.

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