These are a Few of My Favorite (Fitness) Things

Every athlete has a few things that they use religiously, whether it's a good luck charm, everyday essential, or an indulgence every once in awhile. I thought I would share some of my favorite things but it will be an extensive list from my favorite workout shoes to my favorite supplements.

Carb-Cycling: Worth It?

Carb-Cycling, according to Brandan Fokken, a sponsored athlete, is a low/no carb diet that has periods of high carb consumption to keep you fueled. This type of diet is specifically designed to achieve a desired result, typically fat loss, and should be monitored carefully throughout the process.


“I Feel Like a Whale”

Water weight, or fluid retention, as it is commonly called, can make us feel like a beached whale even if we're healthy. This happens to literally everyone, but most people simply deal with it instead of proactively managing it so that they can feel a little lighter.

How Many Calories are in Alcohol?

Alcohol is an interesting subject. We use it to bring confidence, wind down from the day, and connect with others. If you don't drink or you don't drink heavily, people sometimes push it on you. Not cool, but it happens.

Mindful Monday: Clearing the Mental Clutter

I've had a lot of mental or energetic clutter lately that has caused some hesitation in my direction and helped me realize that my mind is too full right now, which is causing me to be less than my best.

A Comment on the Ginormous State of the US

This story was originally published on Medium. Did you know your weight is directly correlated with the number of sick days you miss per month? Did you know that professional careers (teachers, lawyers, businessmen, etc) lose nearly $24 billion a year because of obesity-related absences? Crazy. Even though I have a business degree, my real … Continue reading A Comment on the Ginormous State of the US

Shout Out Post: Thank You to my First 10 clients!

The mission of LIFT by Les, if you don't know, is to teach and guide clients so that they make healthy lifestyle choices, improve their quality of life, and feel confident in their newfound strength.

Mindful Monday: Having a Solid Support System

I've been thinking a lot lately about the people in my life and if they're supporting what I want to build. For most of those people, that answer is a resounding "Hell yeah!". For a select few, that answer is "ehhh, not so much".