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Mindful Monday on Tuesday: Trusting Your Gut

By mr179 at apagraph.com You know that sickening feeling that washes over you after a conversation or interaction with another person that whispers, "Something is fishy"? Or, despite that everyone tells you it's a good career move or physical move, your whole body says "hmm, yeah, no". Describing this specific feeling is difficult but if … Continue reading Mindful Monday on Tuesday: Trusting Your Gut

3 Gratitudes 10/8/2019

Image from Anchor Bend Glassworks I started the week on a strong note yesterday, so I'm ready to tackle the remainder of the week. That being said, even though it's only Tuesday, I have a lot to be thankful for. New job opportunities Time for myself and to work on my personal projects (like this … Continue reading 3 Gratitudes 10/8/2019

Mindful Monday: Meditation to Boost Your Wellbeing

Photo by theformfitness on Pexels.com I recently took up a near-daily practice of meditating and, boy, does it make a difference. Tuning everything out for a few moments flips the reset and helps me be more calm throughout the day. Less things bother me or worry me, and I respond better to those stressors. I … Continue reading Mindful Monday: Meditation to Boost Your Wellbeing

Why I’m Blogging (Again)

Why I’m Blogging (Again)

Hi everyone! Eat, Lift, Wander is definitely a work in progress and a passion of mine. I've always wanted to run a blog and wellness has always been my passion and something I've remained educated about for a long time. I know, however, there are so many fitness blogs out there sporting the newest workout for … Continue reading Why I’m Blogging (Again)