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20.3 Warm Up and Recovery by Active Life Rx

Hi guys, So in the midst of adopting Alaska last week and securing my end of the month sales and such, I realized that I forgot to post the warm up and recovery workouts for CrossFit's Open 20.3 Workout. My thoughts: I really enjoyed this workout and the classic challenge it brought. Deadlifts are a … Continue reading 20.3 Warm Up and Recovery by Active Life Rx

CrossFit Open 2020- 20.2 Recovery from Active Life

How was 20.2? I thought it was another lung burner and I came up just short of 20 rounds (19+17). I tried to do an EMOM-style, but there just wasn't enough recovery time between sets. I could have done this workout RX, but I felt rundown more than usual. Also, I don't practice my double-unders … Continue reading CrossFit Open 2020- 20.2 Recovery from Active Life

Mindful Monday: The Power of Alone Time

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Pexels.com Last year, I moved to a very SMALL town just outside of Altoona, PA called Cresson. The neighborhood was kept well, the neighbors were nice, and the sense of community was strong. I had a nice little apartment with cute little windows and enough room for all my stuff. … Continue reading Mindful Monday: The Power of Alone Time

3 Gratitudes 10/3/2019

While yesterday was stressful, I have a lot that I am thankful for today. Today I am most thankful for: New Opportunities to grow as a professional and enter the wellness industryTo be able to save a life (our little squirrel made it through the night!)to use my skills and abilities to help others If … Continue reading 3 Gratitudes 10/3/2019

Why I’m Blogging (Again)

Why I’m Blogging (Again)

Hi everyone! Eat, Lift, Wander is definitely a work in progress and a passion of mine. I've always wanted to run a blog and wellness has always been my passion and something I've remained educated about for a long time. I know, however, there are so many fitness blogs out there sporting the newest workout for … Continue reading Why I’m Blogging (Again)